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THEOLOGY: Polytheism
TEACHINGS: The Somerree Tomes
FOUNDER: Melita of Lurois
FOLLOWERS: 280 mil (34%)


ASMORIA: God of Infinity, twin sibling of Jelia. He is associated with masculinity, femininity, and everything in between. She is also strongly connected to moths.

ATITE: God of Growth. His influence is over both physical and mental growth. He is associated with light, youth, and feasts.

FLAEYR: God of Love, younger sister of Wolfink. She is associated with friendship, loyalty, and finches.

JELIA: God of Life, twin sister of Asmoria. She has a close relationship with her sibling. She is associated with dance, sunlight, and marigolds.

LONE: God of Wisdom, brother of Reraelo. He is associated with piety, forges, and medicine.

ZILION: God of Night, husband of Yene and father of Aleax. He is associated with deceit, cats, and the stars.


ALEAX: God of the Afterlife, child of Zilion and Yene. They are associated with fog, time, and the colors of dusk.

DIMAL: God of the Oceans. He is associated with dance and inspiration.

ELSOI: God of Rain. He is associated with celebration, wishes, and music.

NEUDA: God of Birth. She is prayed to throughout a pregnancy and for a month after. She is associated with desire and fertility.

RERAELO: God of Luck, brother of Lone. He is associated with maple trees, magic, and laughter.

RYLOAL: God of Joy. He is associated with whistling and mice.

TELIAE: God of Fear. They are associated with truth, pain, and bats.

WOLFINK: God of Humor, older brother of Flaeyr. He is associated with daisies, theatre, and desire.

YENE: God of Death, wife of Zilion and mother of Aleax. She is associated with opals, shadows, and memory.



People began to worship the aeldreans as soon as they were seen emerging from the sky above the Somerree Mountains. Melita of Lurois was the first recorded person to make contact with an aeldrean. While the aeldrean did not identify itself at the time, it is often said to be Asmoria or Jelia.

The religion split into two major groups almost immediately: Ked Aeldrites who saw the aeldreans as the true forms of the Kedeanic gods and Novi Aeldrites who saw the aeldreans as new gods. The two types were openly hostile to eachother for several hundred years. In modern times, they mostly tolerate each other.



The clergy is made almost entirely of women. Men are allowed to be only lower rankings members. They are not allowed to have families of their own as they are expected to maintain temples, lead daily prayer, and interpret divine communication.


Worship is a large group activity, with prayers and readings happening several times a day. Individuals are not expected to go every day; most attend two or three times a week.



Aeldrites value faith, humility, and kindness. Gluttony and despair are negative traits.


The gods existed in their own universe before creating Asmoria. All creatures were created to look like the Aeldrean's forms while the sapient species were based on the Aeldrean's favored forms. They leave for large periods of time to allow the world to develop naturally.


The dead journey to the next world the gods created and are born again. People who did great deeds or were especially virtuous are reincarnated as aeldrings.



Marriage is traditionally proposed by women. Marriages are announced informally and do not have an individual ceremony unless the couple is important in the community. During major holidays all new marriages are officially recorded and celebrated. Special clothing is worn during the celebration by all newlyweds.


Births are announced during daily prayers for a week. Children's first birthdays are celebrated with a large party and many gifts for the family. Birthdays beyond this are a more private celebration.


Funerals are only held at night and are attended by family and close friends. Sometimes a will requests certain people to be present at the funeral. Bodies are cremated and the ashes are spread at dawn.