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Magic has always existed on Asmoria, though not always in its current state. The original form of magic was very weak. Only some individuals were able to use it and it took many years to do so reliably. After a certain event occurred, the sun became a giant ball of magical energy and took on a purple hue.

Everything now has the potential to use magic including plants and animals. Sapients are the best at putting it to use. The source of magic, both in nature and in a single person, is referred to as Sol.


Sol is like a muscle, if it is not used it will become weak. The seven magical attributes exist independently and must be practiced separately. Some attributes are easier than others, with almost every person on Asmoria being able to manipulate at least heat if not moisture in small quantities.

The attributes can be combined to create almost any effect. It is often more intuitive to ask 'what magic can do this' than 'what can magic do' when faced with a problem. Taking heat and giving moisture will create ice while taking both heat and moisture will freeze dry a substance.


Heat Hot Cold
Moisture Wet Dry
Light Images Darkness
Gravity Crush Repel
Psyche Telepathy Read Thoughts
Energy Life Death
Polarity Static Destabilize

Attributes are listed from easiest to hardest to control. Gravity and psyche are the farthest most people attempt to control. Energy is helpful for healing purposes and is practiced by a few while polarity is extremely difficult and unstable. The practicing of it is illegal in many countries.


MAGICIAN: Basic user with no specialty. Considered insulting by more professional users.

MAGE: An official apprentice.

ARCHMAGE: A powerful user with no specialty. Most likely apprenticed in many professions.

CONJURER: Creates illusions and summons beings. Light Sol based with energy and psyche Sol incorporated in advanced spells.

DIVINER: Use psyche Sol to interpret minds and serve as a translator. Can be a political position.

ENCHANTER: Creates magical items and runes. Requires the use of polarity Sol and is highly regulated.

SORCERER: Elemental specialists. They combine heat, moisture, gravity, and sometimes energy to manipulate fire, water, ice, earth, plants, and lightning.

WARLOCK: Soldiers. They are usually sorcerers and witches.

WITCH: Use energy Sol to heal others. They cannot replace modern medicine but have the ability to stabilize those near death.

WIZARD: The engineers, inventors, and mechanics of the magical world. They have a basic understanding of all attributes.