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(Valentine Celeste Rinn)

The Author, Webmaster, and Fool

I write as a hobby, and I never intend for it to be my job or even to make me money. Asmoria is a world I've been working on since high school and I want to share it. It's gone through three wildly different maps and many lore makeovers. It's current iteration is hopefully its final form.

I'm sure the most obvious influence on my writing is Discworld. It's a series I read around 2013, finishing all 40 books available within a year. I loved how each book could be both stand alone and part of a series.

I don't read as much as I used to, but there was a time when I was reading a 300-400 page book a day. I've found that I'm pickier now that I'm older and I've read some fantastic (hehe) books.